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How To Make the Indoors Fun On Hot Summer Days

Kids Entertainment Center, Henderson NV

Kids Entertainment Center, Henderson NV
Keeping kids entertained all summer can present a challenge for many parents. There are only so many camps, leagues, and day cares that one family can handle, and some days in Henderson, NV, are just too darn hot to send the kids playing outside.

Creating an indoor entertainment center can be the perfect solution to keep kids occupied and out from underfoot all summer long. Here are a few ideas for setting up a unique space that your kids will love.

It’s Not Just For the TV

Mention “entertainment center” and the first thing that comes to mind for most people is a storage unit for the television and other electronics. While that is an important function of an entertainment center, it can be so much more. Dedicating a space in your home where all the kids’ books, games, art supplies, and other activities are stored is a great way to stay organized and create a fun space for kids. Creating a storage solution with child-level drawers or cupboards will make their favorite things easily accessible, and easier for them to put away.

Of course, an entertainment center is a great place for the TV, too. There is nothing wrong with some screen time on a long summer night. Stock your kids’ entertainment center with the summer camp classics and plan a movie night that the whole family can enjoy.

A Cozy Corner to Call Their Own

Expanding the entertainment center beyond simple storage is also a great way to give your kids their own cozy nook in the house. Set up an art table to inspire creativity, or throw beanbags in the corner for the kids to curl up with their favorite books.

If you set up your kids’ entertainment center in the basement, family room, or another area of your home with ample space, it can also be a place for kids to do a little roughhousing. Gym mats are a great way to encourage activity and provide a soft landing, and indoor hoops and goals with soft balls can bring sports inside without causing too much damage.

Make it Kid Friendly

Little touches will make the kids’ entertainment center uniquely theirs. Beyond stocking the drawers and cupboards with their favorite books and activities, dress it up with your kids’ favorite colors, fun drawer pulls, a cute lamp, and lots of cozy pillows and blankets.

Creating a perfect summer entertainment center for kids at home doesn’t have to take a lot of time or resources. A little imagination and organization will ensure your kids have hours of indoor fun this summer.

Photo by Eren {sea+prairie} and licensed under CC2.0