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5 Must-Haves Of A Custom Closet

best custom closets henderson and las vegas, nevada

best custom closets henderson and las vegas, nevada

If you’re tired of closet clutter, it may be time to consider a closet makeover. The best way to achieve optimal organization and storage is to design your own personal custom closet. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we bring closet expertise to the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, areas. Before you start the design process, it can be helpful to think of which items you need storage for, so you can get an idea of things you’ll want to include in the design. Here we’ll share five must-have elements needed to achieve the perfect custom closet.


One key element to any custom closet is shelving. Shelves are a simple yet versatile storage solution that can work for a number of things. They can be great to store folded clothes, linens, towels, or other frequently used items. Shelving units provide easy access to grab things when you need them. The open design also makes it easy to fold them and put them away. If you don’t like the look of the exposed clothing, you can personalize the design further by adding a curtain made from your favorite material to provide coverage.


Although drawers may seem like a given, a built-in system goes a step further than dressers in providing clothing storage. Built-in drawers save floor space and can possibly eliminate the need for a dresser altogether. A good system of built-in drawers can be great for not only storing clothes, but also for other miscellaneous items you want to store hidden away.


Often overlooked during closet design, hooks are a must-have element. A few hooks hung on the wall or from the hanger rod are small additions that can make a big difference. They can be used for a variety of storage needs, including hanging jewelry, belts, scarves, ties, and bathrobes. From more temporary stick-on versions to sturdier hooks you bolt to the wall, there are many different options available.

Shoe Rack

Another must-have element of a perfect custom closet design is a shoe rack. From a vertical hanging system to horizontal floor shelves (or a combination of the two if you have a lot of shoes), there are options to fit anyone’s shoe storage needs. Shoe racks take custom closet organization to the next level. You’ll no longer have to worry about losing one shoe in a pair or tripping over them on the floor.

Closet Lighting

A fifth must-have component of a well-designed custom closet is lighting. For any of the other elements to even matter, you need to be able to see what you’re doing. From full-scale electrical wiring to battery-powered wall adhesive options, there are numerous routes you can take for closet lighting.

If you’re ready to start designing your own custom closet, give us a call! Closet & Storage Concepts serving Henderson and Las Vegas, NV, specializes in creating custom storage solutions and designs to fit your personal needs. Contact us today to schedule a free custom closet estimate!