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Choosing A Custom Closet Design

custom closet designs Las Vegas

custom closet designs Las VegasYour Las Vegas home is your sanctuary. When you’re there, you deserve comfort and serenity. When your closets are lacking in space, style, organization, and functionality, the whole feel of the home suffers. You can’t make the most of a closet space if it isn’t equipped for maximum organization and functionality.

Fortunately, custom closet design can bring order and sophistication to even the most challenged spaces. When it comes to custom closets, there are a variety of custom storage solutions to choose from. Even small changes to an existing design can have big payoffs. Designing your own closet allows for a beautiful, organized solution that makes the most of every square inch of space while expressing your taste and style.

Walk-In Closet Heaven

If you have a walk-in closet, select a focal point. Closet design is enhanced when there is a focal point upon which to build. A built-in dresser, multi-tiered shelving unit, or an ornate, compact hutch can anchor the space while providing a valuable storage element.

Designate locations for key components. If you’d like shelving in the closet for shoes, handbags, or folded items, place them near the door to retain an open feel. Shelving space can also be created above eye level, maximizing the use of vertical space and helping retain a more organized feel.

Consider storage needs. Shelving or cabinets close to the ceiling are ideal for storing your least-used items, including seasonal clothing and accessories or pieces of luggage.

Keep it flexible. Unsure if your closet storage needs will be changing or evolving in the future? You can keep it flexible by using adjustable or modular bins and shelving.

Taking Reach-In Closets to New Heights

Non-walk in closets have more potential than many people realize. With a custom closet design, a reach-in closet can be made to feel almost like a walk-in. Instead of settling for the standard designs that most closets come with, consider these updates for optimal results:

Add some variety. Instead of having just one level of shelving and one hanging rod, consider two or more of each in varying heights and sizes for added flexibility and style.

Conceal it with drawers. A set of drawers in a walk-in closet adds sleek, elegant organization and minimizes a cluttered feel.

Make it adjustable. Instead of fixed elements, use adjustable shelving along with stylish, movable boxes and baskets that can be changed whenever you get the urge to switch things up.

It’s in the details. Smaller elements, such as a valet rod, compact shoe storage, a tie rack, and belt and scarf hanging solution, are the icing on the cake. Many of these items can be made to pull out and then retract when not in use.

The joys and benefits of Las Vegas custom closet design and custom closet storage don’t stop there. Children’s bedrooms can be optimized with adaptable closet organizing systems that can grow and evolve right along with your little ones. Specialized wardrobes and moveable racks can bring more efficiency and flexible storage to any home.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have the custom closet of your dreams? Use these ideas as inspiration, and contact your local experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada, to turn your visions into reality. Schedule a free in-home consultation today!