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Custom Closet Designs for Kids

Neat Children's Closets in Nevada

Cleaning and organizing a child’s bedroom can often feel like a full-time job for Las Vegas families. No matter how many times a day you pick up their toys and clothes, it all seems to reappear on the floor shortly after. However, Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada has a solution for this problem. Design an easy-to-use custom closet that will encourage your child to take part in daily organization. Here are some tips for designing the perfect custom closet for the messy child in your life.

Neat Children's Closets in Nevada

Personalize it

First and foremost, make sure the closet suits their needs. If your child wants easy access to his or her favorite toys, bring toy storage onto the ground. If you have a soccer star always in between outfit changes before and after practice, lower their clothing racks. Incorporate a theme or their favorite colors to make it an even more personalized space.

Get On Their Level

One reason closets don’t stay organized is because there is too much out of reach for young kids. If they can’t hang up their clothes themselves, they will rely on you to put it all away. Keep everything they use most often easily accessible, and use the higher shelves or clothing racks for off-season items and storage.

Label Everything

Labeling is a key way to make sure they don’t misplace their favorite items. Designate or label different shelves and bins for their shoes, sweaters, and study materials. By clearly separating where everything goes, they will learn to be responsible for putting things away in the right place. Think of all the time you will save looking for that missing homework assignment!

Allow the Closet to Grow With Them

Avoid installing fixed clothing racks or shelves and opt for an adjustable style instead. As they get taller and their needs and habits change, you can modify the spacing to cater to them. You will be able to completely transform the closet without having to remodel it from scratch.

Open Storage

Copy the open storage system used in Las Vegas elementary school classrooms. Make it as easy as possible for them to find what they need instead of turning the room upside down during the search. Use baskets or colorful bins as cubby fillers to keep things tidier and tucked away. They can also then use the baskets to collect everything at once instead of running back and forth with hands full.

The most important concept to think about when designing a child’s custom closet is how to make organizing and cleaning more manageable for them on a daily basis. This will teach them invaluable organizational skills as well as keep you more relaxed. Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas can help you design the custom closet perfect for their lifestyle. Call us today to schedule a free in-home consultation!