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Custom Storage Ideas For Small Closets

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small custom closets in henderson

small custom closets in hendersonWhen most Henderson homeowners or apartment dwellers imagine custom closets, they picture huge walk-in storage spaces with ample room for their vast wardrobes. In reality, however, many of us don’t have the luxury of space. Our closets aren’t meant for impressing guests, but rather, for function, and that’s exactly where customization with Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas comes in.

Custom closets aren’t reserved only for large homes. Their purpose is to make the most of each home’s unique attributes. In a smaller space, it might not be possible to capture the glamor of HGTV’s finest mansions, but a closet expert can utilize every spare inch to create an attractive, yet useful storage area. Not sure what to do with your tiny or underutilized closet? Keep reading for customization ideas.

Use the Inside of the Door

If your door doesn’t have any hooks or rods on it, it’s not being used to its full potential. It’s a great place to store frequently used shoes, scarves, belts, or other accessories.

Install Multiple Rods

Small closets should never have just one rod; the more hanging space, the better. Aim for at least two levels of clothing. Custom rods can be installed to accommodate unique shelving layouts. You can install rods perpendicularly or parallel to one another at different heights.

Utilize Corner Space

Specially designed corner shelves provide much-needed storage in oft-forgotten spaces. Use these shelves to store rarely used items or objects that don’t quite fit on regular shelves.

Pullout Trays & Racks

Half the annoyance of a small closet involves reaching in and grappling with objects contained in a tiny space. Ditch the inconvenience and utilize pullout trays and fully extendable shelves. These are particularly useful for higher or lower shelves, which might otherwise be entirely inaccessible.

Removable Storage

Permanent, built-in storage is not always ideal for smaller closets, as these features may not provide the flexibility needed to change your closet’s layout in keeping with your evolving needs. Aim for removable options, which can be reconfigured as often as you like. This is a particularly useful option for closets that change seasonally, as storage requirements for sweaters and bikinis will naturally differ. If you insist on a permanent solution, aim for versatile storage layouts that can be used in a variety of contexts.

Insert Creative Touches

There may be little leftover space in your closet, but a customization expert from Closet & Storage Concepts will help you find places to showcase your unique personality. From painted designs to carefully placed photographs, your Henderson closet should be just as vibrant and original as you are.

A lack of closet space need not mean chaos and disorganization in your daily life. The right custom options will afford you more storage opportunities than you ever imagined. Think outside of the box and design the closet of your dreams. Call Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas and Henderson today for a free design consultation!


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