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5 Unique Custom Closet Elements and Ideas

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custom closet ideas las vegas

custom closet ideas las vegasYour closet is a reflection of you, and if you can’t settle for ordinary, you’ll want to make your closet as unique as you are. Closet & Storage Concepts of Henderson and Las Vegas has been helping homeowners achieve optimal, personalized closet storage for over a decade. When starting to think about your own design, consider these custom closet ideas and flourishes to help create a truly unique custom bedroom closet.

1. Tiered Hanging Rods

If one hanging rod isn’t enough for your wardrobe, why not have (at least) two? Creative use of vertical space can allow you to double, triple, or quadruple your hanging real estate. Before designing this aspect of your closet, you’ll want to take inventory of your clothing to know how much of each hanging length you’ll need.

2. Bench Seating with Extra Drawers

Oftentimes, the closets that come with a Las Vegas or Henderson home are spatially challenged. However, custom closet designs allow you to make the most of every square inch. Added bench seating in a medium or larger closet can make the space even more inviting and comfortable. Adding drawers to the benches creates a dual-purpose element and ensures you’ll have plenty of storage space for your sweaters, jeans, and other foldable clothing items.

3. Glass Fronted Cabinets

Many closets with bookshelf style shelving or cubbies just leave the fronts of these storage components exposed. Open shelving can be great in some closets, but you could also consider installing cabinet doors with glass fronts. This option adds a beautiful touch that creates a sleeker, sophisticated look while still displaying your belongings.

4. A Modular Design

Closet elements, like shelving, drawers, and hanging areas, can be divided up based on your needs for optimal closet storage. However, storage needs and preferences can change over time. Favoring a modular approach will allow you to more easily adjust your closet storage as your wardrobe evolves.

5. Focused Track Lighting

It’s hard to see your custom closet and all that it contains without proper lighting. You’ve invested in creating the custom closet of your dreams; now add some custom lighting that will illuminate your wardrobe and allow you to make the perfect outfit selection every day of the week.

A closet need not be ordinary. Use these custom closet component ideas to create something truly unique and special – just like you. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas and Henderson today to schedule a free in-home design estimate!


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