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Stylish Storage For Your Custom Pantry

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custom pantry storage Las Vegas

custom pantry storage Las Vegas

Just as you might model your custom bedroom closet after your favorite boutique, styling your custom pantry can be done to mimic your cooking style, entertaining habits, or favorite restaurant aesthetic. Whether you enjoy the farmhouse look or tend to host more elegant dinner parties in your Las Vegas home, you can achieve your desired style when creating custom pantry storage. Read on to learn some ideas from your local experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada.

Style Ideas For Your Kitchen Pantry

When it comes to choosing the aesthetic of your pantry, the sky is the limit. Our design professionals can help you decide on the perfect one for your home, but below are some examples of attractive styles to consider:

  • Chef Pantry Design: If you’re a cook and find that you spend a significant amount of time doing meal preparation, a chef-inspired pantry might be perfect for you. Clean, white finishes with metallic hardware can contribute to a peaceful atmosphere among the dinnertime chaos. Matching metal pullout baskets and wine and spice racks ensure ample storage and easy access to all of your supplies.
  • Host/Hostess Pantry: If you enjoy hosting dinner parties in your home, this is a pantry design style that’s well suited for your kitchen needs. A buffet style setup is perfect for entertaining. Sliding cabinet doors can open and close with ease to reveal your favorite dishes or hide extra supplies you don’t want in view. Built-in racks under the cabinets for wine glasses provide easy access when your guests want a beverage.
  • Farmhouse Style: If you long for simpler times or just like the aesthetic appeal of a farmhouse design, consider this lovely style. Including elements reminiscent of the past, such as vintage storage tins, can transport you back in time. Incorporate plenty of open shelving and cubbies for easy access that can be adjusted with your changing needs. A combination of white and wood finishes and fixtures can strike the perfect balance of past and present.

Why Spend Time On Your Pantry’s Style?

You may be wondering if it’s worth spending so much time on your pantry’s design style. Since the pantry is such a frequently used space, essentially an extension of your kitchen, we think it’s absolutely worth the time and effort. Of course, style needs to be combined with smart and functional storage to ensure easy accessibility and organization. In a place where items are continuously removed and put away, having a functional pantry area is key to maintaining order in the kitchen. We offer a wide variety of tools you can use to create the perfect custom storage design that works for you. A combination of shelving, cabinetry, baskets, and other elements can work together to create a wonderfully efficient and cohesive solution.

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