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Special Embellishments for Your Custom Closet

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custom closets NevadaPerhaps you’ve been considering installing a custom closet in your Las Vegas or Henderson area home for a while. Maybe you’ve even been looking for ideas and inspiration when out shopping in your favorite boutiques. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada, we specialize in creating customized storage solutions for any space. Our closet experts can help you design the closet of your dreams. We go above and beyond, making sure every detail is done to your satisfaction. This includes offering those extra special elements that you might not have thought of. A closet shouldn’t just be functional, but it should also reflect your personal style. Here we’ll explore some embellishments you can include in your closet design to take it to the next level.

Angled Shelves

Shelving installed at an angle can stand out from the standard horizontal shelving you see every day. Of course, regular shelves are great tools and can be combined with angled shelves to create a diverse shelving system. However, angled shelves can serve a specific purpose in being used for putting things on display, such as shoes, decorative boxes, or even your favorite books or magazines.

Closet Island

If space allows, consider including an island in your custom closet design. An island with shelves and/or cabinetry on all sides can provide valuable extra storage. You can also incorporate seating with a bench on one side of the island for maximum function and comfort. In addition to its utility, a closet island can also add visual interest to your closet.

Glass Accents

Special glass accents and embellishments can come in many forms. Glass shelves, inserts, or cabinet doors are just a few of the ways you can include a sleek glass accent in your closet system. If you want to incorporate more than just an accent of glass into your design, consider large-format hinged, folding, or sliding glass closet doors.

Crown Molding

Another special touch you can include in your custom closet is crown molding. We have many style, color, and finish options available, which allows you to find the perfect finishing touch to fit your closet’s look and style. Molding is a great way to increase the elegance of your closet if sophistication is part of your desired aesthetic.

Ready to learn more about creating your dream closet? Contact your local experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada today and schedule a free in-home design consultation! We’ve been proudly serving the Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and Spring Valley areas for years.