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4 Creative Ways To Organize Your Shoe Collection

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Las Vegas closets shoe storage

Las Vegas closets shoe storage For some homeowners in the Las Vegas and Henderson area, shoes are a favorite part of their wardrobe. For others, shoes are an absolute obsession. No matter which category describes you, we’re all on a quest to find an ideal way to keep our shoes organized and easily accessible. Read on to discover various methods from Closet & Storage Concepts for organizing your shoe collection.

1. Sort By Style

From seasonal styles to shoes reserved for specific activities, settings, and outfits, there are many styles to keep in mind when planning your storage. Flats, high heels, sandals, pumps, tennis shies, low boots, long boots, loafers, flip-flops – you get the idea. One of the most basic and effective ways to sort and organize your shoes is by style. Group them neatly in ascending order from the strappiest sandals to your tallest boots. They will be easier to see and select when deciding on the perfect footwear for each occasion.

2. Organize By Color

If you’re a visual and color-oriented person, this is another effective way to sort and organize your shoe collection. While some of your shoes might be black or white, you might have some pairs in a veritable rainbow of colors. This is a fun way to organize your shoes to help ensure you’ll always find the perfect coordinating or accent color.

3. Put Them On Display

Open shelving is an ideal place to store your shoes so they are always visible to you. Dividers or cubby slots offer dividers to assist with this type of shoe organization. A custom closet redesign can assist you in reformatting existing shelves for ideal shoe storage. You might also consider having a brand new set of custom shelves built for your collection.

4. Hanging Solutions

Hanging shoe storage is another effective way to organize your shoes in a way that gets them off the floor, yet still keeps them at your fingertips. Hanging shoe storage often allows for more shoes to be stored in the same amount of space, so this is an ideal solution for people with larger shoe collections and limited closet space. Alternatively, if you have a smaller shoe collection and wish to tuck it away to free up more space, a hanging shoe rack could be the ideal answer. One of our custom closet experts can assist in creating one that’s perfect for your needs and closet configuration.

Shoes are a favorite fashion accessory and can make or break an outfit. The optimal storage solution ensures they stay in great condition and are always easy to access. Consider a custom closet redesign to ensure the ideal setting for your shoes, clothing, and other wardrobe elements. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas today to schedule a free in-home consultation!


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