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7 Trends in Custom Pantry Storage & Design

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custom pantry designs Nevada

custom pantry designs NevadaIf you’re like many homeowners in the Henderson and Las Vegas area, you’re likely used to the average pantry design. However, have you ever considered your options beyond what’s expected? Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada can help take your pantry to the next level. If you want your kitchen experience to be extraordinary, it’s time to consider what else might be possible for your pantry beyond the standard layout. Dream big and open up your kitchen to its many possibilities. Start by getting inspired by the following seven trending custom pantry ideas:

1. The Hostess Pantry

This pantry style is ideal for smaller pantries or those that are integrated with the kitchen space. Minimalist design, sleek, adjustable shelves and room for all those entertaining essentials are front and center with this pantry design. Add sliding doors to hide away shelved items to complete this look.

2. Chef’s Pantry

This pantry style boasts pure functionality, ample storage, and a modern look for a professional quality cooking experience. Open shelving, and plenty of it, ensures everything you need to work your magic is right at your fingertips. Pullout metal baskets help store produce while providing an interesting accent. Vertical dividers for baking ware and a diagonal wine storage rack can complete this design.

3. Classic Butler’s Pantry

This retro style can make an impressive comeback when you update it to suit your tastes and needs. Think white on white for your color palette with subtle accents to make it your own. Slab style doors and a small countertop ensure you’ll have room to prepare without encroaching too much on the kitchen.

4. Cookbook Library

Cookbooks go hand in hand with your cooking supplies and utensils, and they deserve a special place near your pantry. Add a small vertical shelving unit far enough away that they won’t get splashed with oil or sauce, but close enough to always be within easy reach to provide inspiration for your meals.

5. Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry

In addition to all the reach-in shelving and drawers you need to store frequently used items, consider adding at least one floor-to-ceiling cabinet to hide items away that would otherwise cause the space to look cluttered. Cabinets are also ideal for storing less frequently used items. Adjustable shelves inside can give you options, allowing you to change the configuration as your storage needs change.

6. Alternating Drawers & Open Shelving

For visual interest and stylish appeal, consider alternating rows of open shelves with sleek drawers. This serves both a functional and an artistic purpose, creating a highly modern and contemporary look. Add bright metal drawer handles and hardware in your pantry to accent its elements and complete the look.

7. Frosted Matte Door Fronts

While clear glass cabinet door fronts have been trending for some time, frosted matte glass fronts have been garnering attention. Transparent enough to see what’s stored there but opaque enough to create a stylish filter, many feel it’s the perfect compromise that adds a distinctly chic look.

Kitchen pantry trends have evolved over the decades, and there are more exciting options than ever before. From styles that update classic motifs to distinctly modern innovations, there’s something for everyone in today’s pantry design and organization trends. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts serving Las Vegas and Henderson, NV to schedule a free in-home design consultation on your own custom pantry design!