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Top 5 Tips for an Organized Craft Room

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craft room storage Las Vegas

craft room storage Las Vegas

Do you trip on ribbon when you walk across your craft room?  Are you constantly losing your newest craft stash because the craft area is overflowing with supplies? Master the clutter and spend more time creating with the top 5 tips for an organized craft room from Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas.

1. Declutter & Sort 

You can’t organize until you know what you have, so set aside a day to declutter your crafting supplies. Sort items into piles of things to keep, donate, or toss (are you really going to use that small square of pink fabric you’ve been holding onto?). Then further sort items by craft — sewing supplies, knitting supplies, jewelry making supplies, and so on. 

2. Explore Custom Storage Systems 

Cabinets, open shelving, and closet organizational systems are all solutions that can be adapted for the craft room. We specialize in creating customized solutions for any space. If you have a large stash of fabric or yarn, you can use closet rods and hangers to keep fabric organized and off the ground. Above the closet rod, place baskets or bins on a shelf. Then sort yarn by color, weight, or material. If you can get all the goodies stored in a closet that’s outfitted with a custom storage system, you’ll have ample space to work on your projects. If you love making jewelry, you might store all your beads and findings in plastic containers, and then use custom cabinetry to keep things organized and off the craft table. 

3. Keep Small Items in Shallow Drawers 

When you’re considering cabinets for your craft supplies, think shallow for all the small stuff that would get lost on a deep shelf. Cabinets with shallow drawers allow you to place a lot of little items within arm’s reach. This works well for thread, buttons, markers, pastels, cardstock, stamps and ink, glitter, and other sundries. 

4. Use Color Coding to Stay Organized

If you’ve got multiple unrelated hobbies in one craft area, color-coding can help you tell what’s what at a glance. Make it fun by using colored washi tape to label shelves or bins. Alternately, utilize colored plastic storage containers for each hobby. This helps you find what you need, as well as return items to their proper place when you’re done. 

5. Designate an Overflow Solution 

There are times when a crafter can’t say no to a major haul. Factor this into your organizing scheme and designate an overflow solution for those occasions. This might be plastic bins you store in the basement or garage, or it could be an overhead shelf in your craft closet. Then, when you bring in more supplies than you can store, you know exactly where they go. 

Getting organized is half the battle. It’s staying organized that defeats many crafters. Any organizing system is only as good as your ability to keep it tidy. Take a few minutes at the end of every craft session to place items back where you found them, so your craft supplies are always neat.

To learn how we can help you create a well-organized and attractive custom storage solution for your craft room, contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas today! We offer free in-home consultations to get you started.