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Making Space For A Custom Home Office

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home office nook Henderson

home office nook HendersonIf you’re under the impression that you need to have a spare room to set up a home office, we’re going to let you in on a little secret; that’s not the case! An underutilized hallway closet, as well as an open corner in a bedroom, living room, or kitchen can often suffice for a home workspace. Closet & Storage Concepts of Henderson and Las Vegas specializes in creating innovative storage and organizational solutions that are customized to fit your space and your lifestyle. Read on to learn how you can find a place in your home to add a productive and attractive workspace.

Kitchen Nook

Oftentimes, homes with more spacious kitchens have a nook in one corner that’s hard to determine what to do with. Some people like to add a small table and chairs to the nook to create a place to read the morning paper while they enjoy their coffee. However, this can also be an ideal location for setting up a quaint workspace. Installing a custom-fitted desk to fit perfectly into the available space is a good place to start. Utilize the wall space by adding open shelving to use as vertical storage. Add a cute chair, and there you have a home office!

Hallway Closet

Another place that can work well for a home office setup is a small hallway closet. These storage areas often become a go-to for miscellaneous household items, balled-up towels and linens, and random knick-knacks. If this is the case for a closet in your home, maybe it’s time to consider an alternative use for it. Transforming it into a little office area is a great way to make sure you’re maximizing the space’s potential. A customized desk unit, some cabinetry, drawers, and shelving can be strategically designed and combined to create an efficient and productive office.

Living Room

The living room or family room is often a good candidate for a workstation. If your living room has a spare corner that’s not currently filled, think about how you could turn that space into something highly functional. We offer office furniture in a variety of colors and finishes, so finding a look to match your living room’s design aesthetic is simple! Our experts can customize a home office system to fit seamlessly into your living room–both in terms of size and style.

To learn more about how we can help you create a functional custom workspace in your home, contact Closet & Storage Concepts today! We offer free in-home consultations across the Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and Spring Valley areas.


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