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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying A Murphy Bed

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A Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed, could be an excellent space-saving addition to your Las Vegas home. These convenient beds fold up into a wall or closet when not in use, and easily fold back down when needed. Closet & Storage Concepts is happy to supply Murphy beds throughout Las Vegas. If you’re considering a Murphy bed, these are some important questions to ask yourself first.

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What will I do with the extra space?

Murphy beds open up a huge amount of space, and it’s a great idea to plan ahead for what you’ll use this space for. If you’re designing for a small home, consider turning the bedroom into a living room during the day. If the Murphy bed is for a guest room, the area can be converted to an office, living space, or game room when not in use.

How often will I use my Murphy bed?

For studios and small spaces, your Murphy bed may be moved up and down daily. With modern Murphy beds, this process is simple and easy. If you’re planning on a bed for a guest room, it could remain hidden most of the time. This gives you some freedom with decorating since you can place more furniture, or heavier furniture, in the space the Murphy bed frees up.

Will this room always be a bedroom?

Murphy beds are an excellent choice for guest bedrooms because they give the room two purposes. When you don’t have guests, the room can be converted into anything you want, including a study, gathering room, living room, or storage space. For master bedrooms, Murphy beds are an excellent space-saver, and the room can be turned into a living room during the day. Consider which rooms you’ve always wanted in your home but lacked the space for. With a Murphy bed, any room can be given multiple purposes.

Get Started Today

A Murphy bed is a great way to add extra room, incorporate more sleeping spaces, and make your home feel bigger. Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas is happy to help you choose the perfect model. If you have any questions about selecting or installing one of these beds, we’re here to help! Get in touch with our Nevada team today.


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