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Organizing A Shared Closet

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organizing shared closets - Las Vegas

organizing shared closets - Las VegasIf you share a closet, whether it’s with your spouse, partner, roommate, or sibling, making sure each person has enough of his or her own space is important if you want to stay organized (and keep the peace). At Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada, we specialize in creating beautiful and functional custom closet systems in homes across the Las Vegas, Henderson, and Spring Valley areas. Shared closets can present challenges, but we’re here to offer solutions.

Start From Square One

The first step in organizing a shared closet is to start with a clean slate. Set aside part of a day with your closet buddy to go through your items and clear everything out. This is a good time to go through your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer want or need. Storing unused items in your closet is a waste of space, especially in a shared closet where space is especially valuable. Once you’ve paired down your items to the things you want to keep, you’ll have a better idea of what exactly will need to be stored.

Divvy Up The Space

Now that you know what will be going into your closet, you and the person you share it with can figure out how you’ll divide the space between you. There are different ways to go about this, and it just depends on which will work best for the two of you. A common solution is to split the closet down the middle and assign each person a side. If there’s a big height difference between you, maybe you’ll consider dividing things horizontally rather than vertically. The taller person can take the higher shelves and storage areas, and the shorter person can keep their things on the lower shelves where they can more easily reach them. Of course, the way you divide the space will also depend on the layout of your closet.

Consider Adding Other Storage Elements

If your current closet space just doesn’t work the way you need it to, perhaps it’s time to consider giving it a bit of a facelift. Customizing your closet storage is the ideal way to ensure a solution that best serves you and your storage needs. When you create a custom closet, you have many options available to you, including various shelving, cabinetry, and drawer systems, as well as different hanging solutions for your wardrobe and accessories. Not only do our custom closet systems ensure maximum versatility and functionality, but they’re also attractive and add visual interest to your space. Customizing a shared closet works especially well because you get to design the storage components around you and the other person’s needs, guaranteeing the perfect fit.

To learn more about how Closet & Storage Concepts can help you achieve a well-organized and functional shared closet space, complete with great accessories, contact us today! We’ve been proud to offer free in-home estimates and design consultations across the Las Vegas, Henderson, and Spring Valley areas for years, and we’re here to help make your closet the best it can be.


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