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Making the Most Out of Small Bedrooms

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Finding space in a small bedroom can require some creativity. There’s a lot that you need to find space for, and not always a lot of space to do it. Closet Storage & Concepts is happy to offer up some of our favorite simple solutions to limited storage space in your Las Vegas home’s bedroom.

First, Declutter

The most important step in finding new space in your bedroom is to simply go through what you do and don’t need. With a bit of spring cleaning, you might even find that you already have plenty of space. This is also an excellent way to organize your closet, storing away seldom-worn or out-of-season clothing.

Dual Purpose Shelving

Don’t limit yourself to closets and wall shelving. Consider how you can create shelving with dual purpose. Utilize shorter drawers as table space. Add a cozy ottoman to the foot of your bed, and use the inside compartment as extra storage. Install open shelving above your bed, and give it the dual purpose of displaying decoration.

Claim New Space

Most bedrooms, even small ones, have a bit of unused space somewhere. A neglected corner, a bit of room under the bed. These unused spaces could become a storage solution. Install custom-fit shelving in these areas to open up more space. A shelf or drawer custom fit for under your bed, for example, is the perfect place to store winter clothes.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is ideal for small bedrooms because they don’t have the same bulk as regular shelving. This means that open shelving can be installed on blank walls or nooks, giving you significantly more space. Open shelving has the added benefit of being extremely convenient. Consider stocking your open shelving with items you often wish you had immediately on-hand.

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