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Custom Closets in the Modern Style

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las vegas modern closet design style

las vegas modern closet design style

In the world of interior design, there exists a huge array of decor options. Closets can be styled in accordance with the rest of a home, and at Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas, we believe in functional design. That’s why, when it comes to closet design, modernism is a perfect choice! Its simple no-fuss profile is exactly the thing to get homeowners thinking about clean elegance. Today we explore what it means to model a custom closet by the tenets of the modern aesthetic!

Modern Shapes

Ornate or florid design is completely out of the question when it comes to modernist decor. Panels are flat and clean, angles are bold and sharp, and lines are straight as can be. There are few-to-no curves, making for a straightforward shelving system and simple storage.

Modern design is based on the idea that “form follows function.” In essence, the design of a thing reflects its intended use. As far as modernity is concerned, fancy designs and frills are unnecessary additions to a closet intended for storage. In the modern closet, there is a tight order, and a cleanly organized system.

Modern Color

One of the most striking aspects of modern closet design is its coloring. Calm, cool, and neutral, modern colors include gray, beige, white, and similar tones. One or two of these reserved colors will dominate a modern closet space, assuaging the busy professional by way of impassive, uncomplicated hues and helping to move your morning schedule forward.

Modern Organization

As far as the actual storage system, modern closets are at their best when they utilize simple mechanisms like color coding and uniform storage boxes or shelves. The key is to organize your closet according to a system that anyone could walk in and grasp almost right away.

las vegas modern closet design style

Modern Materials

Some closet-building materials are a better fit than others for modern closets. Unstained hardwood, sleek metal panels, glass surfaces, and mirrors with no trim can all come together to make a modern closet of simple elegance and sleek functionality.

The Closet and Storage Experts

Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas is providing free in-home consultations for homeowners looking to redefine their storage experience. For custom style, form-fitting design, and straightforward storage solutions, contact us today and move into a new world of simple living.

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