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Organizing the Perfect Study Space for Kids

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nevada kid study space

nevada kid study spaceThere’s no escaping the fact that kids need to study, and that can put a lot of homes in some turmoil. Studying tends not to be as enticing as playing outdoors or racking up experience points in a video game.

Nonetheless, parents everywhere are working out ways to get those kids in front of an open textbook. Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas has done some research, and here are our best tips for creating an engaging, effective study space to help kids to make the most of their educations!

The Right Atmosphere

Everyone loves a comfy workspace, but kids especially may fidget and struggle with a study environment that does not physically put them at ease. Of course, you will also want to avoid an alternative in which the study space is so comfortable that they doze off! Try a blend of focus and comfort with cushioned chairs that are inflexible enough to encourage good posture, which will in turn improve concentration.

As for the desk, a kid’s study space can work really well in a nook or similar open closet area, facing inward. Desks at the window may provide temptation to look up and out at the clouds. Give dedicated students something beautiful, yet helpful, to gaze at in their study nook. A nicely illustrated calendar is one option, giving welcome visual relief from studies, yet also reinforcing due dates for academic achievement.

nevada kid study spaceThe Right Tools

Make sure the young minds under your roof have access to the right supplies, using a series of customized desk drawers. Drawers are a simple way to make a kid’s study space feel like their own personal station using a color coded label system.

Or spice things up with a custom secret drawer for their favorite toy, book, or snack. If your child’s drawer collection contains all the supplies they need, they are less likely to leave the workspace in search of a missing item before they are finished with their work.

Closets, Storage, and Academic Concepts

For a free in-home consultation about your own custom kid study space, or any other organizational project, Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas is your number-one ally in the fight against disorganization. Let us revitalize your home organization system and transform it into a better custom fit. We specialize in meeting your needs.

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