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Design Ideas for Functional Walk-In Closets

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You have a variety of design options when creating a custom walk-in closet with Closet & Storage Concepts. Before considering stylish touches, it’s important to focus on functionality. Everyone has a different lifestyle, and their perfect walk-in closet will be similarly unique. We’re dedicated to creating a closet that’s tailored for your life. To help you get started, we’ve included some popular design features for a functional, organized walk-in closet.

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Shelves Above Hanging Areas

Some simple open-faced shelves above hanging areas will give you the perfect spot to store hats, bags, or folded clothes. Having a logical organization to your walk-in closet is important, as it streamlines the everyday task of getting dressed.

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Small Drawers With Dividers

Be sure to install some small drawers with dividers for various accessories. These drawers are perfect for jewelry, watches, cufflinks, extra buttons, and more. In an open drawer, jewelry can become tangled and small items lost in corners or forgotten. Having a dedicated drawer for smaller accessories will keep your closet – and life – more organized.

Dedicated Top Shelves For Seldom-Used Items

Shelving installed at the top of your closet will maximize space. These high-level shelves are the perfect spot for seldom-used clothing and accessories. Consider placing out-of-season or specialized gear, such as camping or hiking attire, in these out-of-the-way shelves.

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Install a Hamper

Have a larger drawer dedicated to a laundry hamper. Having a hamper on-hand will help you keep your closet neat and your laundry routine streamlined. A hidden hamper will give your closet a cleaner look overall.

Open Shelving Near The Entrance

Install ample open shelving near the closet entrance to maximize efficiency and convenience. A walk-in closet has a lot of space, which can make hunting down the perfect article of clothing or accessory difficult. These open shelves will serve as the perfect spot for daily outfits, accessories, and shoes.

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