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Designing an Efficient Custom Closet

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While everyone wants a luxurious walk-in closet to store their items boutique-style, not every home has the space. If you have a reach-in and are trying to store the same amount of clothes as you would in your imaginary walk-in, it’s essential to find some organizational hacks to make the most of what you have. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we specialize in efficient and stylish features for all closets sizes. Take a look at a few ideas that can maximize your space and improve the way you use your closet.

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Using Every Inch

When we go in for an initial consultation, what we see most of the time is underused space on the floor or at the very top of a reach-in closet. If you have limited space, it’s important to take advantage of every inch! Don’t let your closet floor become overrun with mismatched pairs of shoes, purses, and whatever other bigger items that get pushed in at the end of the day.

Floor storage such as open cubby systems for those bulky items or shoe racks will keep everything organized, clean, and accessible. As we move upwards, we can install shelving at the more unreachable area of your closet for convenient off-season storage. You might need a step stool to reach it, but it will free up the space you have for the items you’ll be using most frequently during the warmer or colder months. If you don’t want to add shelves, there are other options available, too.  

Adjustable Rods and Shelves

The standard closet will have a rod to hang your clothes. However, this one rod isn’t an efficient centerpiece to storing everything you own. If you have a lot of items to hang, we can quickly double your available space by adding a rod. This tiered design can allow you to hang your off-season items so they are still visible without cluttering your everyday items front and center. We even have drop-down rods that you can pull down with a lever, keeping everything within reach.

If you choose shelving, we recommend an adjustable system that you can modify throughout the year to adapt to your changing wardrobe. It won’t be an unattractive slat wall but a sleek and easy-to-use system.

Finishing Touches

Incorporate every storage style with custom drawers. We offer pull-out and tilt-out drawers to conveniently store whatever you need. We also offer luxurious jewelry and accessory drawers to conveniently store all your delicate items. These shallow drawers offer an easy way to keep your items clean and safe, rather than throwing them onto a counter or dresser top and risking losing them.   

Design with You in Mind

At the very heart of any of our designs is you. We craft custom solutions for any closet user. Whether you have more shoes than you can handle, too many bulky coats taking up space, or a lack of general organization, our custom closets will make a world of difference in your life.

Get started with a free in-home design consultation and price estimate from the team here at Closet & Storage Concepts serving Las Vegas, Henderson, and Southern Nevada. Give us a call today!


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