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A Custom Home Office for the Modern Telecommuter

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Custom Home Office Las Vegas

As telecommuting grows in popularity, maximizing your space and functionality while creating a sleek space you’d be happy to work at every day makes all the difference. Customizing your office to meet your needs while keeping things practical is fun and lets you get exactly what you want. Talk to the expert team here at Closet & Storage Concepts Las Vegas to design a custom home office built just for you. We offer the best in modern custom furniture to accommodate the look and feel you need, whether it’s a shared or private space. Take a look here. 

Custom Home Office Las VegasCustom Cabinetry

There’s nothing like having custom cabinetry to quickly upgrade a home office, with modern styles and finishes to truly make it your own. You’ll be able to have hidden file cabinets, places to store extra supplies and equipment, and a beautiful backdrop to have teleconferences. You can also use your custom cabinets to house all the books you’ll need when doing research or creating your ambiance.


The right desk makes all the difference. Need more workable space? No problem. Closet & Storage Concepts offers custom desks built to your exact specifications with ample shelving for your items on display, drawers created at the width and depth you need them, and in the location that works for you. It’s amazing to see how functionality and style merge when getting a customized option made just for you.

Media Center

What’s a home office without a media center? With home offices serving more than one purpose, it’s important to have the amenities and comforts of home. A custom media center with all the bells and whistles can also serve as the perfect space to have teleconferences. It helps save space, and provides a cool and modern aesthetic you won’t get without customization.

Murphy Bed 

Making things modern doesn’t mean you can’t have a dual-purpose space. Adding a Murphy bed will add a different flair to the office, doubling as an area where guests can come when visiting. Built into the wall, you can conduct meetings and no one will know the difference. It’s a great way to add space and value while keeping the integrity of its original purpose.

The goal is to make every space in your home office count without compromising comfort, convenience and functionality. Customization will keep everything in its own place, while maximizing the entire space. Add in your favorite rug, lighting, chairs and other pieces, and you’ll have an office you’ll feel like working in every single day. Who says home offices can’t be cool? Call Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada for an in-home design consultation and let us show you exactly how it’s done. We proudly serve the greater Las Vegas area. 


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