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5 Must-Have features in a Custom Closet

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The great thing about custom closets is that you can build them any way you want. You get to choose the features that will truly make it your own. As you plan your custom closet, consider these five features that you really don’t want to do without.

Custom Accessory Drawers Closets Las VegasSpecialty Drawers

Jewelry and intimate garments can easily become disorganized which can make dressing considerably more difficult. A jewelry drawer and hosiery drawer provides a much more orderly storage solution. Many of the drawers are lined and sectioned for greater organization. Everything you need for putting the perfect ensemble is right there at your fingertips. And when not in use, everything tucks neatly away so your custom closet is clean and tidy.

Slide Out Mirror

Dressing is so much easier when you have a mirror nearby and a slide out mirror in your closet is a must-have. The mirror slides out while you are dressing so you can get a full-length view of your entire look. Everything you need is right there so if you decide to change part of your outfit or the entire thing, it is within easy reach. When you are finished, the mirror simply slides back in. This saves a great deal of space, so you can keep your closet neat and your dressing space open and uncluttered.

Custom Closet Wall Mounted Ironing Board Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Convenience is the name of the game with this ingenious feature. An ironing board is mounted to the wall in your closet so as you are dressing you can run the iron over it and be on your way. When you are finished, it simply folds up against the wall. There’s no more wrestling to fold an ironing board, then struggling to find a storage space. The wall mounted ironing board is easy, convenient, and a practical solution that will fit right into your busy lifestyle.

Shoe Rack

If you have more than two or three pairs of shoes, then you owe it to yourself to get a shoe rack. Some shoe racks are open shelves that leave your shoes visible – a big help when you are rushing to get ready in the morning. Other racks may include shoe cubbies so that your smaller shoes like flats and sneakers can slip into one. You can still see them, and they are still well within easy grasp as you get ready in the morning.

Wall Safe

Keep your valuables safe with a wall safe. You can keep important documents, special jewelry, and other precious items protected. This is an outstanding feature to add to your custom closet and truly is a must for today’s household. It is flush with the wall and very discreet. You’ll barely notice that it’s there.

Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada can make your dream custom closet a reality. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will walk you through all the features we offer so you can choose what is best for you. If you want complete flexibility in building your closet, contact us today and let’s get started. We proudly serve the greater Las Vegas and Henderson area.