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Storing Small Appliances

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small appliance storage Nevada

small appliance storage Nevada

For many home chefs, small appliance storage is a constant kitchen conundrum. Blenders, stand mixers, coffee makers and food processors are all vital tools, but they’re also heavy and unwieldy. Leaving small appliances out on the countertop causes unnecessary clutter and takes up space that could be devoted to food prep. Even worse, storing your appliances amongst your pots, pans, or other large kitchen items can make them difficult to find, and even more difficult to use regularly. Instead of trying to wrestle that bread machine out from behind your Dutch oven, why not devote an entire cabinet to storing your small appliances? Read on to learn from the experts here at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada how to best store your small appliances.

Make Space

Think you don’t have room for a dedicated appliance cabinet? Think again – installing features like rotating cabinets and swing-up shelves can help you utilize hard-to-reach square footage. Sure, you might not have room to store that panini press you never use, but those go-to kitchen essentials you rely on every day deserve better – and so do you! Storing your stand mixer, blender, and even your microwave on the countertop takes up valuable counter space you should be devoting to food prep. Overcrowding your cooking and chopping space can lead to kitchen messes and accidents. It’s important to store as many small appliances out of the way as possible, a feat best accomplished with the aid of a custom-built cabinet.

Be Discerning

Before you commit to building a custom storage system for your small appliances, it’s important to figure out which ones you want to keep, and which ones you need to part with. If you’ve been putting off paring down your small appliance collection, do it now! Deciding if you’re ever going to open that yogurt maker, and if you really do need both of those waffle irons, will help you design the perfect custom cabinet and stay organized.

Follow Through

Once you build a customized small appliance storage system, it’s important to maintain your organizational strategy. It will be tempting to let extra canned goods creep into your dedicated blender space, while your stand mixer languishes out in the open on your countertop. Having a custom-built pantry is just the first step: keeping the organization going is an everyday part of home maintenance. In the long run, sticking with a small appliance storage system will save you time and make using your kitchen easier, so it’s important to dedicate time to putting your appliances away properly when you’re done using them.

Learn More!

Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada, we believe that maintaining an organized kitchen is the first step in empowering home chefs to cook like the pros. If you’re ready to take your kitchen to the next level, find a custom closet provider near you!

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