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Where To Use Murphy Beds In Your Home

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Some people refer to Murphy beds as panel or wall beds. These innovative and stylish space-savers store flat against the wall or inside of a cabinet when not in use. When you pull them down, they provide the comfort of any high-quality bed. If you could use some extra space to house guests overnight, you should consider installing a Murphy bed in almost any underused space in your home. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada, we find comfortable furniture solutions to maximize the space and enjoyment in local homes. Get started here by learning more about Murphy beds!

Custom Murphy bed for Guest Rooms Las VegasGreat Places to Install Murphy Beds

The Murphy bed is a great option for any room that you’d like to use as a multi-functional space. For example, people who live in very small houses might install one in living rooms or dens to make it easy to transform the space into a makeshift guest room when visitors come to stay. Murphy beds rose to popularity in studio apartments where it was essential to reserve space for hosting guests or getting work done during the day. During the day, it’s practically invisible; however, at night, it turns into a comfortable place to sleep.

More commonly, people choose to put their wall beds in spare rooms that they hope to use for multiple purposes. Take a look at some of the more popular spots for Murphy beds in Las Vegas homes.

  • Adding a Murphy bed to a children’s bedroom makes it easy to transform it into a playroom during the day. Adding matching shelves and other storage place can keep the room free from clutter too. If your child already has a bed, you might still consider adding a wall bed to use for sleepovers rather than a heavy and hard to use trundle.  
  • Have storage needs taken over a spare room? Our closet and room storage products can keep sentimental items and valuables tucked away securely.  A Murphy bed with some matching shelves and drawers can instantly transform a cluttered storeroom into a pleasant bedroom to house guests.
  • Custom Murphy Bed for Small Spaces Las VegasThese days, lots of people are discovering the health benefits and convenience of having a home gym. Exercise equipment manufacturers have responded by making fitness machines that fold up when not in use. You could combine this kind of fitness equipment with a Murphy bed for a room that doubles as a workout room and a bedroom. Think of a Murphy bed as an investment in your health.
  • Modern telecommuters need a place to be productive every day and the kitchen table just won’t cut it anymore. If you have a spare room and can’t decide between a guest room or a home office, give us a call! We can design custom desk beds that give you the working space you need without sacrificing the comfortable guest bed you want.

Wall beds take up very little wall space when they’re not in use. They fold up into attractive cabinets that we can match to the aesthetic of any room. You can also add additional storage to make sure you have space for your knick-knacks, off-season clothes or décor, and more. Tell us about your ideas, and we’ll take it from there. Contact the team of experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada to learn more!