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Ideas for a Multipurpose Spare Room

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Do you have an underutilized spare room, or an extra bedroom you’re not using now that one of your children has gone to college? Chances are it’s either become the repository for items that have no clear storage spot or projects you’ve been wanting to work on but don’t want in the way. Meanwhile, you’ve got your sewing machine set up at the dining room table and are still using the pullout sofa when out-of-town guests arrive. It’s time to tackle that space head on, creating the perfect multipurpose spare room with the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada. We can reorganize your space to be efficient and stylish so it molds with your everyday needs and occasional activities. 

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Create the Perfect Home Office Space

Have you become a modern telecommuter and have to do the majority of your work from a crowded dinner table? It’s time to value your time and effort and upgrade to a home office. A dedicated space for your work will encourage productivity and organization, only making your job easier. We can design custom desks with all the additional cabinetry or shelving you need to store important work papers, books, and more. 

If you don’t want to sacrifice your guest room for a home office, installing a wall bed is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. Murphy and panel beds can create a multipurpose room where you can work uninterrupted while at the same time having a comfortable and private space for guests to sleep. 

Get Your Hobby On

The thing about hobbies is they tend to have a lot of moving parts. Without a dedicated space for them, supplies and equipment end up all over the house, taking over closets and looking a lot more like senseless clutter than things that bring you joy.

This year, why not convert one part of your spare room into a hobby nook by installing a wall of closed cabinets around a central work space? By combining features from master closets, utility room storage, and home office furniture, you can create exactly the space you need to pursue your hobby and store its equipment out of sight when guests spend the night.

Build the Occasional Man Cave

It’s great if you have a full-time dedicated space to hang out with your friends and watch the game. But if space is a premium in your home, the next best thing is creating a multipurpose room that is part home theatre and lounge space, part spare bedroom or home office.  

The way to maximize space for dual function is to design built-in on opposite walls. One wall houses the perfect entertainment center, custom designed to house your screens and gaming equipment. Add a comfortable sofa or pair of reclining chairs, and you are ready for relaxation. On the opposite wall, you can install a Murphy bed or home office with built-in desk. Just like that, you have a room with dual functionality.

Want to create the perfect multipurpose spare room but aren’t sure where to get started? At Closet & Storage Concepts, we are ready to help. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our design specialists.