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3 Signs You Need A Closet Upgrade

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Custom Closet Design Las Vegas Nevada

Custom Closet Design Las Vegas NevadaUnless closets are properly organized in a way that’s convenient and easy to maintain, they often get neglected. Then strange things start to happen: your favorite items seem to disappear, odd piles of items begin to appear and you can no longer see the closet floor. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada, we specialize in diagnosing outdated closets and finding the perfect solutions to maximize your space, improve efficiency, and upgrade your style. Let’s take a look at a few telling signs that it’s time for a change. 

You Have Nothing to Wear

The “nothing to wear” syndrome is a dead giveaway that your closet could use an upgrade. This syndrome involves standing and staring at the heaps and rows of clothing in your bursting-at-the-seams closet and declaring you have absolutely nothing to wear.

In reality, you have plenty of things to wear. It just may have become too daunting to actually dive into the heaps and rows of clothing to try to find the thing that suits your mood and occasion. And if you did find it, it would most likely be crinkled, wrinkled or in need of a good wash. With a custom closet layout, we can highlight the clothing that you use most and give it the space to stay in good condition. 

Your Clothes Are Attempting to Escape

You know you’re in need of a revamp when your clothes rarely make it back into your closet when you’re finished wearing them. They instead end up draped over the closet door, piled on your dresser, or otherwise anywhere but back in the closet where they’re supposed to be. This is a sure sign you need a closet upgrade, as the very thought of putting things back in it is turning you off. Maximizing the space you have to hang, fold, and store clothes is essential here. Consider a pull-down rod for extra hanging space or ample shelving with baskets or drawers to organize your items. 

Your Selection Doesn’t Match the Season

If heavy sweaters are staring you in the face all summer long, or you can only find tank tops when you’re looking for your scarves, it’s time for a closet upgrade. That upgrade can include solutions designed to help you organize your clothing by season, so you’re unlikely to be stuck digging through bulky winter wear in the middle of August. Even if you’re used to rotating out clothing with the season due to a small closet, you may be amazed at how much more storage space you can get when things are organized.

Don’t let valuable space go untouched. Our floor to ceiling custom closets will open up more opportunity for you to conveniently store off-season clothes so they aren’t hard to find once you need them and you can be sure that they stay in good condition all year long. 

Custom closets are one of the most effective ways to discover underused space and upgrade the way you organize your room. Flexible, versatile and featuring options that include shelving, drawers, hampers, baskets, shoe racks and even accessory drawers, our solutions give you tons of options to create exactly what you need. Contact the experts here at Closet and Storage Concepts Nevada today. We are located in Henderson and proudly serve the greater Las Vegas area. 


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