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4 Clutter Hacks to Try

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Conquer clutter in your home Henderson NV

Conquer clutter in your home Henderson NVDo you feel like you’re always relocating piles of clutter from one area of the house to the next? Well, then it’s time for a more permanent solution. The experts here at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada are here to help you get and stay organized. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways you can reduce clutter and stress around your home. 

The Entryway 

It’s not uncommon for people to come home after a long day, flick off their shoes and throw down their bags and jackets by the door. However, if you don’t have a structured system in place to deal with this, this will instantly create a mess you’ll have to look at every time you come or leave. A solution as simple as wall hooks will make it easy to hang up jackets and bags instead of leaving them on the floor and an open shoe bin will at least keep you from tripping over a stray shoe. For a more elaborate solution, consider including features you might see in a mudroom such a bench, cabinets, and drawers or shelves for organizing mail. 

The Pantry

If your pantry is full of expired goods, know you’re not alone! The pantry is a chronically under-organized space that accumulates clutter in the form of stale food very quickly. With custom solutions from Closet & Storage Concepts, we can transform your space to reduce food waste and make cooking more efficient. Pull-out shelves or baskets will ensure no items wander to the back of your pantry, never to be seen again, while spice racks will keep you from spending multiple minutes hunting for paprika. We understand that pantries are small spaces and it’s not easy to see how you could customize it. Call us for a free in-home consultation for us to measure and plan out a design that’s built just for you. 

The Living Room

This is where we are at our most relaxed. When we have our feet up, switching between binging a new tv show and our new favorite book, we don’t want to think about cleaning or organizing our home. Let’s stop the clutter before it even begins with a custom media center. Include space for your favorite hobbies from reading, video games, movies, or puzzles. Use a mix of open and closed storage for a dynamic look that doesn’t overcrowd your home. Closed storage is great for unsightly things like rolled-up blankets, a tray of remotes, or magazines. Use open storage to display decorative possessions like your favorite collection of novels or your vinyl record player. The options are limitless when you opt for custom furniture. 

Get Started Today

Tackle clutter in your home one room at a time or all at once, but make sure your fixes are long-lasting! If you need help finding the perfect solution for small headaches, give Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada a call. We are located in Henderson and proudly serve the greater Las Vegas area. 


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