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Popular Closet Color Schemes in Las Vegas

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When it comes to the things that homeowners and would-be homeowners value the most, you’ll find that abundant closet space is one of those top priorities. Custom closet and organization systems are valuable assets for your current life, and for potential future resale value. It’s easy to see why people focus on the details of creating a custom closet system. However many people overlook the fact that one of the most important pieces of custom closet design is the color. Not only does color drastically impact our moods, but it can also affect the overall value of the closet if reselling is on your mind. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we want to help you think of every last detail. Take a look at a few popular color trends in Las Vegas

Custom wood closet Henderson NVConsider Classic

The last thing you want to deal with on a frenzied morning is having to wade through clothing to find the items you wish to wear that day. Choose light colors for your custom closet storage system to make it easier to see clothing colors and their location. Dark colors might cause dark clothing to camouflage and you’ll spend more time hunting down a shirt hanging right in front of you. A popular choice are classic wood varieties like ash, maple, and oak. 

custom white closet las vegas nevada

Bold & Bright

White has become a hugely popular color for home design in recent years. It’s bright, it’s complementary, and it’s never going out of style. An all-white closet is a safe bet for any home and actually creates the illusion that the space is larger than it really is. Don’t worry about it being too white-washed – your wardrobe will liven it up! If you need extra pops of color, consider bright baskets, drawer inserts, or even a fun light fixture. 

Black and white custom closet Las Vegas NVModern Monochrome

If you watch HGTV or read home design magazines, you know that black and white are all the rage in modern interior design. If you plan to put a dresser or storage system with drawers in the middle of your closet, consider choosing black for that piece. Matte black with some brushed metal hardware will add a very rustic appeal to your space, while a high-gloss dresser and more delicate drawer pulls or even glass inserts will make your closet feel more like a boutique. With added white elements like shelving or wall paint, you’ll have yourself a perfectly contemporary closet. 

Custom Closet Henderson NV

Color Coordination

If you’re the type of person who isn’t afraid to try new things, consider using different colors to create functional zones in your closet. You can use color to designate “his” and “hers” areas or even to differentiate between the different items of your closet: clothes, shoes, accessories, and more! 

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