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Three Tips for Storing Holiday Decor

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Decoration Organization and Custom Storage Las Vegas

Decoration Organization and Custom Storage Las VegasBetween the giant inflatable pumpkin, the Thanksgiving knick-knacks, and tangled sets of white, blue, or red and green strings of lights it can be an impossible task keeping the holiday decorations organized in the garage. So how do you wave goodbye to the clutter without completely Marie Kondo-ing the holiday décor? Here are three tips for storing your celebratory items. 

Coordinated Cubbies

Stacks of clear plastic bins might seem like they are doing the job, but the reality is that the decorations inside are susceptible to dampness and mildew, not to mention they just take up floor space. Consider a custom cubby system that perfectly organizes and stores your valuables without adding to the clutter. Now don’t stop there, just because you have the cubby system doesn’t mean you shouldn’t organize within those cubbies. Color-coordinated baskets to hold each holiday’s items can make it easy to visualize where to find or store everything. If you want to keep everything monochrome, simply add labels to the outside of each cubby’s bin. 

On the Wall

Storage doesn’t have to look like bulky cabinets if that doesn’t meet your needs. If you aren’t an avid decorator but have a few items that you’d like to not damage year-to-year, consider a wall system to hang them up! Lights can be coiled into a loop, with the ends secured by a zip-tie or tape (opt for something easy to remove like painter’s tape), and easily hung from a hook on the wall. Hooks are also a great solution for wreaths, stockings, and even costumes. For clothes, consider tucking things into a garment bag before hanging it on the wall. 

Custom Storage Solutions

If your collection of holiday decorations rivals the inventory at your local party store, you may want to invest in something more fitting. That’s where Closet & Storage Concepts steps in. We customize storage solutions to perfectly match your lifestyle and needs. Especially when it comes to holidays, one home might need ample space for zombie and ghost cutouts while another has boxes of fragile family ornaments to store. No matter your holiday preference, we can build a custom cabinet or shelving system to accommodate everything. Nothing puts the Grinch in the holidays like a basement stacked with boxes of miscellaneous decorations.  

Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada is ready to help you organize your holiday decor with the proper garage storage solutions. Schedule a free in-home consultation and our design experts will come directly to your door to answer your questions. Call or contact us here to get started! We proudly serve the greater Las Vegas and Henderson areas. 


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