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Customize Your Pantry To Fit Your Needs

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Your kitchen pantry space is more than just a storage space for your food. When designed correctly to fit your specific needs, it becomes a space that can add to the aesthetic, flow, and organization of your entire kitchen. We at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada have a few suggestions for ways to customize your kitchen to fit the needs of your and your family.

Include a spice drawer

We all know the dreaded feeling of having to search through a million different spice bottles, just to find what we’re looking for in the very back…expired! We’ve all been there. Whether your system is to cram them all into a corner out of sight, or to keep constantly cluttering counter space so you have easier access to them, we have a solution for you. When designing your custom pantry, include a spice drawer. It allows you to tuck away all the loose bottles, keeping the clutter contained, but still gives you access to sift through them efficiently once you open the drawer and reveal them all at once. 


Designate a corner for coffee

For many of us, coffee is a part of our daily routine. A coffee pot isn’t necessarily something we can put away after every daily use, because that would become exhausting! However, it shouldn’t have to take up an entire corner or section of your valuable counter space. Rather than leaving it out and exposed, add a designated coffee section to your custom pantry design! This keeps it isolated and placed separately with all of your other food items, clearing off counter space and allowing for more room to cook. It’s still easily accessible, but not taking away from the rest of your beautiful kitchen.


Use a few different shelf heights

It may seem like the best shelving design would entail shelves that matched in height, but that might not necessarily be the case. Some items, like bottles of olive oil, are a little bit taller and require more space to stand up straight. When you limit your design to one shelf height, you limit your ability to organize. Consider adding different heights of shelves to both maximize the shelf space, but also allowing taller items to fit correctly.


Tell us about your needs

What are your daily routines? What issues do you constantly run into when rummaging through your pantry? We can help solve those issues for you while taking into account your personal lifestyle! We will work with you to customize your pantry to fit your specific needs during your free design consultation! Call us today to talk with an expert designer. Trust the experts here at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada, to help you make life easier.