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Ideas For Upgrading Your Garage For Summer

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The garage tends to be a place to store all equipment, tools, and outdoor gear. Oftentimes, storing all of these miscellaneous items can result in clutter. Having an organized garage space can help you stay productive and active. As summer approaches, make sure you have a usable garage space by implementing one or more of the following upgrades.

Include some cabinet space

This is a great solution if you currently use your garage as a storage unit and want to transform it into a usable workspace. Rather than hanging everything on the walls, install a cabinet unit with counter space to make it more functional. Store all of your smaller items and tools in the cabinets to stay organized and to create a sleeker garage aesthetic.

Include a mudroom in your garage

Your garage will inevitably track in dirt as you take your car in and out. Keep the dirt isolated to one area of your house and make your garage multifunctional by adding in a mudroom. Keeping everything in one designated spot will make your life easier when it comes to cleaning up muddy boots, wet jackets, or any other dirtied piece of clothing.

Insulate and vent your garage space

Insulating and venting your garage will significantly improve the quality of the work space. The room will hold in heat more efficiently in the winter, and will allow more airflow in the summer. By doing this, you will prevent having the traditional “stuffy garage.”

Add a walk-through door

Prevent having to use the garage door as your only point of access from outside. Adding in a walk-through door will make it easier, faster, and quieter to move freely between your house, garage, and outdoors.

Add in a workbench

Every garage can benefit from having a workbench and can even add value to your workspace. It will give you an area to work on any home improvement projects, or even just tinker away at any personal projects. Workbench size, placement, and purpose can be customized to your specific needs.

Ready to upgrade your garage?

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