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Las Vegas Homeowner Tips: Closest Organization for Your Accessories

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custom closets in las vegas

custom closets in las vegasKeeping an organized space 24/7 is tough. Life happens, and these days keeping balanced at home can be especially tough. While chucking your hats and bags to the back of your closet may work as a temporary fix, it’s best to invest in a long-term custom storage solution that actually works. Save yourself from closet avalanches in your home by incorporating some of these custom closet features. At Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada our team can help find a design that works for you and keeps your accessories intact.

Pain point #1: Dented Hats

Inefficient Solution:  

We’re sorry to break it to you but the old toss-and-hope-it-stays-trick is not a great way to store your hats. They’ll likely fall over or get squashed under other items. Our Custom Storage Fix:

Keep your hats dent free with the help of our adjustable shelving. Adjustable shelving helps you get more out of your closet space no matter the size.

Pain Point #2: Tangled Jewelry

Inefficient Solution:

Trying to fit all of your jewelry into a tiny box is a good way for your necklaces to get tangled. You are also risking your precious jewelry becoming scuffed or tarnished by all of the friction. Our Custom Storage Fix:

Never waste time detangling jewelry again. Did you know we can create custom jewelry drawers? This lovely feature slides out easily and nicely displays all of your accessories.

Pain Point #3: Unwanted Shoe Pile-Ups

Inefficient Solution:

We understand that after a long day spent outdoors means the first thing you want to do when you come in is toss your shoes. While this may feel satisfying in the moment, you’re setting yourself up for unnecessary aggravation from excess time spent trying to find the missing shoe. Our Custom Storage Fix:

We’ve got a better idea for you. Let our team custom build you a shoe rack that has enough room for yes, ALL of your pairs of shoes. It will feel so much better and look more aesthetically pleasing once every pair has a dedicated spot in your closet.

Pain Point #4: Wrinkled Ties

Inefficient Solution:

Are you folding up your poor ties and shoving them into an overcrowded drawer with socks and other accessories? Do you even know where your ties are located right now? Our Custom Storage Fix:

If a promotion or new job is what you’re after, presentation is everything. Details matter. Let us help you look your best and keep your ties wrinkle-free. Our design team can assist with custom tie racks or drawers especially made for them.

Pain Point #5: Overflowing Bulky Bags and Purses

Inefficient Solution:

Tossing your purses and bags into a box or stacking them inside one another makes it difficult to keep track of everything. In a rush, you will feel frustrated that you can’t see or remember where a specific bag is placed.

Our Custom Storage Fix:

Let our team build you a custom closet with an open storage concept. This will give you the walk-in closet vibes you’ve always wanted. Plus, it’s a nice way to display all of your bags and have them be easily accessible.

Get Your Custom Storage Solution for Your Home Today!

Have other pain points in your closet that need fixing? We can help! Everything is custom made with your needs and desires in mind. Start planning your next project from the comfort of your own home! At Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada we are proud to offer you solutions that work. Call today for a FREE consultation!

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