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3 Benefits Of Adding A Wall Bed To Your Home

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Murphy Bed

Are you looking for a way to create more space in your home? Whether you are searching for a solution to create a guest room out of the space you have, you want to add more storage to your unit, or you just want to have more space of your own during the day without sacrificing comfort, a Murphy Bed is the perfect addition to your home! 

Murphy Bed

It immediately adds a guest bedroom

A wall bed is a perfect addition to your home office, spare bedroom, or even the living room if you are constantly hosting friends and family. As it folds up into the wall, it won’t take up any space when it is not in use. However, when guests come to stay and you want to provide a comfortable space for them to sleep, the wall bed is ready for use! It’s a simple transition to fold the wall bed out from its upright position. This will allow you to save time and space.

It allows for more space during the day

Adding in a wall bed doesn’t necessarily mean adding in a guest room. If you are searching for ways to create more space in your home without having to move places or sacrifice pieces of furniture, consider using a Murphy Bed in your own room. This is great for those who want to have more floor space during the day. Fold your bed up into the wall in the morning, and you instantly have an open floor to work out, use as a children’s playroom, or set up a home office. Don’t sacrifice the comfort of having the right size bed for space. Instead, add a Murphy Bed and allow yourself the luxury of having both.

It’s perfect for a child’s bedroom

Wall beds are a great solution for keeping your children’s room organized and free of clutter. This also allows you to keep the bedroom and playroom area consolidated to one place. During the day the bed can be stored away, opening the floor plan up for endless possibilities.

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