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Customizing Your Entertainment Center

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Adding an entertainment center to your home is an exciting addition that can help bring family and friends together. Whether you have an entire room or just a corner of an existing room available in your Nevada home, Closet & Storage Concepts can help. Our designers are experienced and skilled in creating custom media centers in a range of homes. Working with you, we will come up with a design that works with the space you provide while giving you everything you desire. Here are just a few things our designers at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada can include in your media center:

Shelving units 

By surrounding the television space with multiple sizes and styles of shelving units, our designers create a custom entertainment room to fit your needs while providing storage solutions in the process. We have a variety of finishes that we can use to create custom shelving units so the aesthetic of the newly added entertainment center will mesh well with the rest of your home.

Custom-sized television space

Not everyone has or needs a TV of the same size. Placing a television in a space too large can make the TV feel small relative to the entire room. When designing your custom media center, our designers take television size into account when working to create the unit. Your television will look and feel like the center of the space, regardless of its size.

Custom cabinet space

A media center is often thought of as the home theatre. A home theatre is the center for entertainment, which means it is often a center for electronics and chords. We know how quickly chords can cause a room to feel cluttered and disorganized. Our designers are experts in developing strategies to hide chords. Using custom cabinet designs, your entertainment center can come fully equipped with all the electronics you desire, while maintaining a cordless, sleek look.

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