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Creating the Perfect Kid’s Study Spot

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Child studying at home desk

With the school year underway and remote learning plans still in flux, we’re all scrambling to get our homes set up for school. As students and parents alike enter a new normal, there are considerations to be made for study planning. Where will the kids do their schoolwork? How can parents handle kid’s educational requirements while working from home? Here are some tips for optimizing study space so that everyone can stay productive working from home.

Child studying at home desk

Divide and Conquer

Make separate spaces for study and play- keep kids on track by defining a productive workspace. Having an area specifically for study can help kids to find their “zone” in more ways than one. Working in one place and playing in another helps kids to stay focused while at the desk. Over time, kids will associate their desk with schoolwork and be able to get down to business quicker, and be able to work longer without breaks.


Let your children help personalize their space: after all, they’ll be the ones utilizing it. Photographs or decorations on the wall can go a long way towards creating a productive workspace for kids and teens. Surrounding their desk with mementos makes the space comfortable and a place that they will want to be.

Plant the seed of responsibility

Children and teenagers love to feel responsible, even if they won’t admit it. Having a desk plant or two for kids to take care of can help them settle into a routine and take responsibility for their space. Research also shows that houseplants can clean the air, reduce stress, and increase productivity: a winning combination for successful studying.


Using space efficiently will help avoid distracting clutter. Organized drawers, filing cabinets for schoolwork, and bookshelves to keep track of the reading list all make for a positive school experience. Plus, if everything has its place, kids won’t need to go off on a scavenger hunt to find what they need, keeping them on task.

bookshelf storage

Light it up

Lighting can sometimes fall by the wayside when setting up a study space, but take care that there’s plenty of light for your little students. Reducing eye strain helps to keep kids from getting tired or damaging their eyes. Natural light is best, but don’t hesitate to supplement lighting with built-in fixtures or desk lamps.

Work with what you have

A study nook will fit nearly anywhere in the home. Whether in the family room, a spare bedroom, or even an extra wide hallway, Closet and Storage Concepts Nevada can create a custom solution to fit any space. 

Ready to get started with creating study space for your kids? The experts at Closet and Storage Concepts Nevada are attentive and can deliver whatsoever your heart desires. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation to help you get started on creating that perfect study space.

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