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How To Maximize Space In A Small Closet

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 If you feel like you don’t have enough closet space, then you are not alone. Closet space is one of the most common issues that homeowners encounter. However, even if you have a small closet, there are a few steps that you can take to maximize the space in your closet. 

Add Storage Space Beneath the Clothes

You probably rarely bend down to look beneath your clothes since they rest lower to the ground, but you might be surprised at how much space is present. If you are cramped in your closet, then it could be helpful to add storage space underneath your clothes. It might be a good idea to place a small dresser or a shoe rack underneath your hanging clothes. Then, you can place accessories on top of the dresser while storing certain items, such as pocketbooks or shoes, in the drawers or underneath the clothes.

Use a Modular Shelving System

Another option for increasing the space in your closet is to use modular shelving. If you have items that simply do not fit in your closet, don’t leave them hanging out on the floor of the closet. Instead, add modular shelving just outside the closet in your bedroom. Then, you can tuck away essentials on the racks of the modular shelving unit, ensuring that you have plenty of space to see everything in your closet. Furthermore, when you display your essential items on modular shelving, they will also double as decor. Modular shelving comes in numerous colors, allowing you to tailor it to meet your needs. 

Install Sliding Doors

Finally, to make sure that you maximize the amount of space in your closet, it might be helpful to install sliding doors. When you open the door to your closet, do you find that it always seems to hit something? You can fix this problem by installing a sliding door. Furthermore, this might add a few extra square feet of space in your closet in which you can store extra items. For these reasons, sliding doors are becoming popular when it comes to closets. They can be particularly helpful if your closet is small.

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