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Fall Storage Solutions For Summer Gear

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Garage storage system for bikes, sporting equipment, and tools

With summer fading fast, the kids back at their studies, and chilly fall weather in the future, where has the time gone? Yesterday, we were going for summer bike rides, having barbecue cookouts, and enjoying warm summer nights, but they’ve vanished in the blink of an eye. However, we have plenty to look forward to in fall. As you prepare for fall fun in Nevada, check out these storage tips for your favorite summer toys.

Garage storage system for bikes, sporting equipment, and tools

Bike Storage

Bicycles can sometimes be a bit unwieldy. They’re big and they can take up a lot of floor space. Instead of devoting garage square footage to storing them, consider a convenient bike storage solution:

  • Ceiling pulley systems are an excellent way to use the vertical space in your garage effectively, and they’re easy to use year-round in case of a bright fall or winter day.
  • Slatted wall hanging systems offer convenient, easy access bicycle storage. Use a pair of hooks to securely hang a bike against the wall. Stash chain tensioners, repair kits, tire pumps, and spare inner tubes in a hanging wire basket to keep all of your bike tools together.
  • Create extra space with a hanging garage storage rack. Hang bikes with hooks underneath, and store tubs with sporting equipment and shoes above.

Swim Lockers

Chances are, swimming excursions and lake days are over until next spring. Instead of keeping all of your swim essentials at the ready, pack up life jackets, swim trunks, bathing suits, and beach toys in storage totes. Inner tubes, air mattresses, and other inflatable floating toys can be folded and stored in tubs or vacuum packed to reduce size and bulk. Roll up snorkels and swim goggles in beach towels to prevent damage.

Camping Gear

Sleeping bags and tents should be stored inside during the fall and winter months to prevent pests from damaging them. Consider adding a large cabinet system in an under-used room like the guest room, utility room, or home office to safely stash camping gear. Because it’s seasonal storage, the same cabinet can store winter coats, gloves, and other cold-weather gear during the spring and summer.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to pack up the toys of summer, get in touch with the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada. We’ll help you design the perfect storage solution for all of your seasonal needs. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation to get started.

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