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Ranch Redux: How to Create More Space in a Small Las Vegas Home

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Las Vegas Nevada Living room

Las Vegas Nevada Ranch House

Popular in the southwest and Sun Belt states, and long associated with the post-war middle-class boom of the 1940s and 50s, the classic American ranch house features a close-to-the-ground profile and a wide-open layout, fusing modernist elements with a casual living space and notions of the American West. What a typical ranch house lacks in architectural pizzazz is made up for in larger lot space, an attached garage, and solid construction. While a ranch house might ramble across a large lot or building site, its single-story construction limits its square footage. Yes, a second story or “pop top” is like adding a castle to your keep, but big remodeling jobs and additions can be costly. Here are three ways to create more space in your small Las Vegas ranch that won’t break the bank.

When You’re Not Using It, Hide It

In a small ranch house, every inch matters. So, here’s a good maxim to design by: When you’re not using it, hide it. This goes for guest beds that can fold up into unassuming wall units or odds and ends that can be hidden in plain sight, say, in customized cabinets and compartments that work like origami. Speaking of cabinets and compartments…be sure to get creative and utilize your home’s vertical space. Also, consider choosing furniture with additional storage, or better yet, choose furniture that has two (or more) uses. If working remotely has taught us one thing, it’s that our bedroom is also our workstation, and our living room, and our gym.

The Nordic Trick

You can redefine your ranch house by opening the floor plan with light, airy, neutral colors. Whites, off-whites, grays, muted greens and blues, and other natural hues with an understated, minimalist appearance help trick the eye into thinking there is more space than there actually is.

Transform the Basement or Garage 

Many ranch homes have full basements, so finishing or partially finishing the space is a great way to expand your home’s square footage. A basement or garage can be transformed into a kids’ playroom, converted into a guest bedroom or in-law apartment, or simply made cozier and more livable with an entertainment system, custom storage units, and unique wall shelving.

If you want to create more space in your home, Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada can help. Call today and discuss your options with one of our many design pros. Let’s turn that classic American ranch house into a new American ranch redux.

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