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What Are the Most Durable Closet Shelves?  

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If you look inside your closet and you see that your shelves are starting to sag, this is a bad sign. Not only does this eat into your storage space, but it could lead to an unexpected repair bill in the near future. Therefore, if you are looking for new shelves for your closet, what material should you choose? What closet shelves are the most durable?

Metal Closet Shelves Are The Most Durable

First, it is important to cover metal shelves. Think about the items you are going to be storing on your closet shelves. If you have items that are exceptionally heavy, then you may need to rely on a metal closet shelf. Even though these can be expensive to install, heavy to carry, and aesthetically unique, they will certainly get the job done. If you need shelving that will hold just about anything, then you may want to go with metal.

Solid Wood Is Popular

If you are not going to be putting anything exceptionally heavy on your closet shelves, then you may want to go with solid wood. Of course, there are multiple types of wood from which to choose. For example, spruce is a relatively inexpensive wood. It looks pretty and is easy to install. On the other hand, it is a softwood and is not as strong as some other options.

For example, pine is a significantly stronger wood, and it should be able to stand up to the vast majority of items that people put on closet shelves.

Plywood Is a Durable Choice

Another option is plywood. Plywood is one of the strongest materials because it is actually made from multiple different kinds of wood with alternating grains that come together to provide added support. The downside is that some people do not like the aesthetic appearance of having mixed wood. Fortunately, professional installers have ways to mitigate this issue.

MDF Is a Sheet Wood

Finally, for those who are on a budget, Medium Density Fiberboard may be an appropriate option. MDF is not as strong as solid wood. Therefore, it is still prone to sagging in the middle. It is important for everyone to consider the weight limit of MDF before placing items on it.

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