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How Can I Create More Space in My Kitchen Pantry?

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pantry with baskets

If there is one thing that every kitchen seems to lack, it is enough space. In reality, you may actually have enough space! You may simply not be using it appropriately! That is why you should take a closer look at your kitchen pantry. What do you need to do to increase the amount of space in your kitchen pantry? There are a few genius ideas that you should put to use in your home.

pantry with baskets

Take Advantage of Open Shelving

First, you need to take advantage of open shelving. If you take advantage of open shelving, it is much easier for you to scan all of the items you have at your disposal. Furthermore, this also removes any barriers that could get in the way of accessing pantry goods, such as your doors. If you go with open shelving, you also have options for additional storage devices such as baskets and bins that will help you stay organized.

Use a Slide Out Shelf for Your Spices

Spices are notoriously difficult to store. Fortunately, a slide-out shelf is relatively easy to install. In addition, a slide-out shelf also doesn’t take up that much space because it is narrow. You don’t have to worry about knocking over your other spices to get the one you need. Now, you simply have to slide out yourself, take a look at all the spices neatly organized on the rack, and select the one you need.

Focus on Depth as Well as Breadth

You need to make sure you utilize the depth of your shelves intentionally. Depth can be a blessing and a curse. Even though it is great to store a lot of items, you can also lose track of what you have. Therefore, think about using pull-out shelves that make it easier for you to assess what you have and what you need. If you are intentional about your pull-out shelves in your pantry, you can get the most out of every square inch you have.

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