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Tips for Building the Perfect Reading Nook

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Reading nook with bookcase

Want to carve out more time for reading? Create a cozy spot in your home where you can get away from all distractions and curl up with a good book. Check out our tips for creating the perfect reading nook in your home.

Maximize Comfort, Convenience, and Organization

Above all, make sure your reading nook is comfortable and functional. Start with a cozy, supportive chair or couch and add lots of pillows and blankets. Consider adding a fan in the summer or a space heater in the winter if needed. If you love to sip your favorite hot beverage while you read, why not create a tea or coffee station in your reading nook with an electric kettle or a coffee maker? Lighting is important for comfort, too, both for your eyes and your mood. Try to choose a space with good overhead lighting and add a table lamp or standing lamp nearby.

To ensure your nook stays organized, consider adding in custom cabinets and drawers that hold your personal collection perfectly. For a custom storage and organization solution, our expert designers can help!

Express Your Style and Interests

The more you love using your reading nook, the more likely you are to sit down and read each day. So dress up the space in a way that inspires you and reflects your personality. Add family photographs, artwork, house plants, or interesting light fixtures. Get creative with the pillows and blankets. Try creating your own literary-themed decor with print-outs of book covers and quotes from your favorite books.

Book Storage

You can of course store part or all of your book collection in another part of the house, but having some of your favorites on display in your reading nook will serve as part of the decor and make it easier to swap out books when you finish one or feel like picking up something different. If you have the space in your reading nook, add a whole book case so you have room for your entire collection. If not, add a couple small shelves or a cabinet with glass doors to store a handful of books, like the books you love to reread or any collector editions you have.

Whether you have a small corner of the house or an entire room to work with, Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada is here to help. We will work with you to create the perfect storage solution for your dream nook. For custom book storage solutions and all your other storage needs, contact us today for a free consultation!