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Storage Tips for Hobbyists

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Well-organized hobby desk and shelf system

Whether you love pottery, model planes, or collecting coins, if you’re a devoted hobbyist you probably have lots of special items and equipment to store. It’s important to have a good storage system in place so it’s always easy to find what you’re looking for and nothing gets damaged. Check out our tips below for keeping your hobby gear organized and protected.

Group Items by Hobby

If you enjoy multiple activities, store what you need for each hobby separately. This makes it easy to grab only what you need and avoid extra cleanup each time you sit down to work. To make this even simpler, add labels to your drawers, boxes, and shelves.

Find the Right Spot

Make sure items with special needs are stored in appropriate spots. For example, items that shouldn’t collect dust should be stored in cabinets or covered up. Make sure items that are easily breakable aren’t at risk of getting jostled around or falling. If applicable, wrap delicate items in bubble wrap or cloth or get a stand that will hold them safely in place. If you choose to add custom shelves or cabinets to your hobby space, you can create the perfect storage spot for each item with unique needs.

Keep Essentials Close By

Keep the tools you use most often near your workspace so they’re always within reach. If you tend to work in different spaces, a rolling cart can be a great option for keeping your essential supplies close. A custom desk with built-in storage designed specifically for your hobby work is an ideal solution if you like to work in one spot. Also consider a special shelving unit or a pegboard system.

Don’t Forget to Display Your Work

Don’t forget to show off your passion projects! You should keep your favorite finished projects and potentially a few in-progress projects on display as part of the decor in your home. Floating shelves or bookcases work well for items that aren’t too fragile. If some of your items need to be in an enclosed space, consider adding custom cabinets with see-through glass doors to your hobby space or wherever you want to display your work.

Want to Upgrade Your Storage?

Are you interested in upgrading your hobby gear storage with custom cabinets and shelves? Or maybe you want to build a closet devoted to your hobbies? Closet & Storage Concepts of Henderson, Nevada is here to help! We’ll work with you to design the perfect storage solutions for all your hobby gear. Contact us today for a free consultation!