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Cable Management For Your Home Office

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A neat home office made up of dark wood cabinets and storage.

If you work from home, you want your home office area to be a practical and comfortable space. It should also be organized so that it’s not an eyesore in your home. One difficult aspect to keep neat can be the many cords used to hook up all of the electronic devices in your office.

Luckily, there are several ways you can keep cords organized and out of sight for a professional look in your home office. Read on for a  list of cord-concealing solutions below.

Cord Ties

Cord ties are a simple solution for unruly cables in your office space. You can use something like a zip tie or order more specialized silicone ties to group several cords together and keep them neatly placed. The downsides to this option are that you need several ties along the length of the cords and you will still be able to see all of the individual cords.

Cord Sleeve

A cord sleeve is a long, fabric-like roll that you wrap all your cords in so you only see what looks like one thick cable running from your desk to the outlet. This tool often uses velcro or snaps to fasten around the cables. Sleeves work best when all of your cords are flowing in the same direction towards an outlet or power strip. I

Cable Channel

For an even more hidden option, use a cable channel. This is a hard case that is placed over your cords and keeps them all together. It can be mounted to the wall or simply rest on the floor. Cable channels can be color-matched to the surrounding area so that they blend seamlessly and don’t draw any attention. As with a cord sleeve, this tool may not work if your cords are going in different directions.

Cable Station

A cable station is a small organizer attached to the top of your desk and used to separate individual cords. It has the advantage of keeping the cords untangled and makes it easier to tell which cable goes to what device. You can also mount the cable station to the underside of your desk to keep it out of the way. With this solution, you create a neater appearance in your home office while keeping all your cords within reach.

Custom Desk

A custom desk allows for many possibilities when it comes to cable management. One option is a small opening on the surface of the desk for cords to run through to underneath the desk. You can add shelves or cabinets around your desk that are just the right size for any peripherals and have an opening for cords in the back. This way, your cords are concealed and you have a designated spot for everything. With all these customizable options, your cords will be almost completely out of sight from your device to the outlet, but still easy to access and adjust as needed.

If you are in need of a custom solution for your home office cable management, Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation!