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Tackling Teenage Bedroom Organization

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A teenage girl sits in a messy closet looking sad

Unfortunately, the vast majority of teenagers are not organized. When you take a look at the floor of your teenager’s bedroom, you may see piles of clothes and miscellaneous objects scattered all over the place. This can be pretty frustrating, and you may not know how to fix it. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to help keep your teenager’s bedroom organized. Read on to see how you can turn that nightmare teenage room into a clean and refreshing space. 

Let Them Personalize Everything

The teenage years are when kids value creativity and the freedom to express their individuality. Most teens want to be able to design and decorate their room according to their tastes. Encourage them to pick out furniture, paint the walls, etc. You can also get creative with the storage in their room, like using an old locker as a cabinet or installing under-the-bed drawers. When their room is their haven and everything is designed for them, teens will be more likely to keep their personal space tidy. 

You Can Never Have Too Much Storage

Next, you need to create more storage space. Teenagers tend to accumulate clutter. Therefore, you should make sure everything in the room has a specific place. You may want to add more bookcases, wall-mounted shelving, or even a display area for trophies and collectibles. This can make it much easier for your teenager to keep his or her items organized. Make sure there is a spot for everything and help your teen stay motivated to keep things where they belong.

Rework the Closet

Finally, you need to take a closer look at the closet. Teenagers lead busy lives and might take shortcuts like throwing their clothes on the floor instead of hanging them up. Therefore, make it easier for your teen to utilize closet space and quickly put things away. You may want to invest in open shelving, shoe racks, and a few multi-pocketed closet organizers for certain items. You should avoid closed storage bins or anything that requires extra work to put things in or take them out. Create an incentive for your teenager to use the closet!

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These are just a few of the top tips and tricks you should keep in mind if you are looking for a way to organize your teenager’s bedroom. Even though it can be frustrating to deal with a dirty bedroom, you do not have to go through this alone. At Closets & Storage Concepts Nevada, we have plenty of experience helping families clean up their bedrooms and closets. We would be happy to help you as well. Give us a call today to learn more about our services! 

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