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Creating Mudroom Space in Your Garage

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Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed with daily clutter in your house? Maybe it is the kid’s backpacks on the kitchen counter, shoes left wherever they were taken off, or never knowing where to put your bag when you get home from work. All of these frustrations can be eliminated with an effective storage solution. A Mudroom is a great addition to any home. You can make sure your kids take off their dirty shoes and have a perfect hanging space for your most used jackets and bags. While a dedicated room for these things might not be built into every home, you can still create a “mudroom” space to help keep your home clean and organized! Install a custom storage solution in your garage to fit this need in your home.

Choose The Features

Our systems are meant to be fitted to your exact needs. Designers will work with you to determine what elements best fit your needs. Storage offerings include:

  • Shelves- Adjustable shelves allow for you to have the right space and number of shelves.
  • Tabletops- Choose from our wide variety of tabletop options to match your home style.
  • Cupboards- Choose a cupboard set up that matches your shelving set-up to maximize space.
  • Drawers- The perfect place for smaller items and catch-all drawers.
  • Hooks- organize your backpacks, coats, and bags all in one place.
  • Pegboard- a creative and customizable solution for tools, crafts, and more!

Once you have determined the elements that you would like for your storage solution, a configuration can be made to fit your garage. Even after installation, adjustable shelves and pegboards can be optimized for your family’s needs.

Make It Your Own

Having a mudroom area will be a great addition to your home. There are lots of different uses for this type of storage solution. It can be made into a space for crafting, seasonal storage, or your daily essentials. Take advantage of pegboards to display crafting materials or power tools. Cupboards and shelves are great for storing holiday decorations. Counter space and hooks are the perfect go-to spots for your bag and keys.Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we are experts at creating custom spaces that our clients love. We specialize in making your home more functional and beautiful from the inside out. Every detail from the color of the cabinets to the hardware on them is made to fit your lifestyle and preferences. Contact your experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Henderson to see how we can help you. Make Room for Life®