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Making His And Her Closet Spaces

His and her walk-in closet

When living with a spouse or significant other, the closet can quickly become a disorganized mess. Your items may get lost within their clothing and other clutter. You might spend days, or even months, searching for a piece of your clothing that has gotten lost in the mix. Creating ‘his and her’ closet spaces allows you to keep both sides organized. This design feature is not just reserved for larger walk-in closets. You can also create separate spaces within a reach-in closet or other smaller closets! Here are several design tips you may use.

Wall Organization

When it comes to a larger closet with two walls facing each other, it is easy to designate one wall for your items and the other wall for your spouse. The top of the wall will have hanging rods, while small drawers, shelves and cubby spaces below can hold socks, belts, rolled ties, and other accessories.

Closet Divider

When it comes to his and her closets that only run along one wall, a divider can be used to create two separate sections. The divider can be a simple removable wall board placed in the center. This type of divider works in closets of all sizes and designs, including standing closets. Other dividers may consist of a column of shelves that can hold baskets or shared items such as towels, blankets, and bed sheets.

Separate Closet Spaces

If you have separate closets in the same room, then you have it easy! You can claim one of the closets while your partner uses the other. This setup offers optimal storage space for each person to use without having to share any drawers or shelves. They may also have more freedom to redesign the closet to suit their own specific needs without the closet looking mismatched and out of place.

Designated Sections

Also keep in mind that closets do not have to be designed with one side being for you and the other side for your partner. A his and her closet may have smaller assigned storage sections scattered throughout the space. Sitting down with your loved one and agreeing to who will have which section can help reduce confusion and prevent items from migrating to other places.

Having a his and her closet allows couples to store their personal items the way they want. Consider the amount of space available and how much clothing each person needs to store in order to divide space adequately. Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada can help you to fully optimize your closet space. Get in touch with our design team to get started today!