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Perfect Accessories For Kids Closets

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Neat Children's Closets in Nevada

We’ve all been there: you’re running late to drop your kids off at daycare, and the last thing you need to do before you walk out the door is get them dressed. You open their closet and are met with clothes scattered everywhere and can’t find anything that matches. At Closet & Storage Concepts, our designers have the perfect accessories to keep your kid’s closet clean and stress-free. Read below for more details!

Double Bars

Usually, closets that have one bar in them tend to look the most unorganized due to there being only one place to put all items of clothing. By adding a second bar, you are using the open space at the bottom of your closet to put the other half of the clothing that your child owns away. You can also start a system with shirts on top and pants on the bottom for ease of everyday use. Plus, with the bar being closer to the ground, your child could start to learn how and where to put back their clothes!


By having drawers installed in your kid’s closet, you will have more space for the items that you can’t hang up to be put away and out of sight when organizing their closet space. Drawers also allow for other bulky items such as toys that you don’t want out around the room to be stored on top or inside. Another advantage of having drawers in your kid’s closet is that they can grow with your kid’s clothing, so you won’t have to get a new drawer system when they get older.

Shoe Racks

Since kids’ shoes are small in size, they can be hard to keep track of! An easy closet concept for keeping track of shoes would be to add shoe racks. Shoe racks are a great way to see all the pairs of shoes that your kid owns and show them off to friends that may be over. If you don’t want to show off your kid’s shoes, another way to organize them would be to add a pullout shoe rack. This allows you to put multiple pairs of shoes on the rack and have them hidden away from plain sight for a cleaner closet look.

Customize Your Kids Closet Now!

If you want to keep your child’s closet clean and efficient for everyday use, contact Closet & Storage Solutions Nevada for a free consultation today! Our experts are ready to help you design the perfect closet system for your daily use.