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How To Jazz Up A Big Closet With Only A Few Clothes

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When you walk into a closet, you’re in a private world that contains your identity, personality, and fashion sense. The space is yours alone, and it’s the place where you can be fully comfortable and at peace. If you live in an apartment or condo with a small closet, you might not have much room for all your accessories. But if you’re living in a house with a spacious closet, then the question becomes: How do I fill it with only a few clothes? 

Use Hangers

The easiest and most foolproof way to fill up your closet is by hanging your clothes on hangers. You can use the same hangers you’ve been using for years, but if they’re not holding up well, get some new ones. Strategically place the hangers in the middle of your closet so that no end looks awkwardly empty. You can even spice up your closet with colorful hangers or hanging objects such as plastic cups or spools of thread. The possibilities are endless!

Install Drawers

Install two smaller drawers on each side of the closet. You can use the remaining middle part for your clothes and the drawers for other accessories. For example, use the drawer on your right-hand side for shoes and the left-hand side for bags. You can even separate the drawers into several small sections if you have other accessories like belts. Your drawers should be at an angle so you can easily access them from both sides of the closet.

Hang Scarves

Scarves are the most versatile pieces of fabric in your closet. They can be worn as shawls, scarves, or wraps.
Hanging scarves in your closet gives a mirror effect of filled-up space even when the closet is rather empty. All you need is to ensure they don’t get tangled or wrinkled while hanging there. You can use closet hangers or drapes rods to ensure they vertically fit into place. 

Use A Mirror Divider

Mirrors are a great way to break up large spaces. You can use any mirror, but if you’re using it in an area where piles of shoes are stored, consider using a floating mirror that can be adjusted forward or backward as needed. You can also hang multiple mirrors around the room or over your door frame to create a beautiful effect.

You may want to keep only a few clothes in your closet for several reasons. Whether you’re on a budget, keeping it minimalist, or redesigning, these closet organization ideas will help optimize every square foot in your closet. The best part is that you have experts like Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada to help should you feel stuck. Happy stacking!