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Shared Vacation Home Organization Tips

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Vacation home sitting area

You may have a second home that is used as a vacation home. Do you have some close friends or family members who also use the house for their vacation plans? When sharing a vacation home, you want to keep it neat and organized for everyone. Use the following organization tips so your vacation home remains beautiful and comfortable.

Designate Storage Spaces For Each Family

While you plan to share the home, there may be items that you want only your family to use. You also don’t want these items to become lost among the other things that are kept at the vacation house year-round. Designate storage areas and rooms for your specific items. Large garage closets that are up off the ground and have lockable doors allows you to store your items safely away. A garage organization manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada can provide garage storage ideas to fit all of your vacation items into these spaces.

Label Containers And Shelves In Closets

There may be items that everyone shares in the vacation home, such as towels, linens, and other things. Make it easier to find and use the items by placing labels on containers and shelves. This method ensures that the item won’t get misplaced in other areas of the vacation home. You can also write down notes to leave with the next vacationers that come into the home, such as the date of when you last washed the bedding before leaving the house, in case they want to clean the items before using them.

Keep Pantries Organized and Safe

Stocking up enough food in the vacation house without dealing with spoilage is a concern you may have. You also don’t want to go there only to find an item has run low or was used up. Reorganizing the pantry space and providing adjustable open shelving or tidy drawers allows you to keep track of items during your entire stay. Always check the expiration dates of shelf-stable items when arriving at the vacation home and when leaving the house. If an item is running low, replace it in the vacation home so the other family doesn’t have to make too many grocery trips.

Making the vacation home a great place for both families can be simple to do without using up a lot of time. Our design experts can redesign your spaces to make the place comfortable and organized for all who use it. Reach out to our team today!