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How To Efficiently Organize Your Pantry Today

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Organizing your pantry is an endless task. You grab food from there on a daily basis which requires constant rearrangement. At Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada, we want to help you develop an efficient pantry storage system with three simple tips below. 

Organization System 

The best way to efficiently store items in the pantry is by developing an organizational system. You may already know how to categorize your ingredients. However, that is only the first step towards setting up a pantry. It is also important to consider the types of meals you make on a weekly basis. This will help you determine how you sub-categorize groceries by frequently used. Placing the most commonly used items near the front limits the burden of shuffling through the pantry. 

In addition, it may be helpful to create a first in first out system. Similarly to a grocery store, the oldest items should be the most visible so that they are used first. Feel free to label each package with expiration dates if that helps you stay organized. The worst feeling is throwing out food because of rotting or decay. 

Don’t Decant Everything

While it is popular to decant packaged items, you may be cluttering the pantry with jars and other containers. Placing each box like a book on a shelf leaves more room for other items and preserves the instructions and expiration dates that come with the packaging. 

With that being said, it is important to transfer opened goods into closed containers for preservation purposes. One tip to prevent overreliance on jars is to assess which foods truly require long-term storage. For example, you may want to use clamps for bags of chips and store those snacks in baskets instead of jars. 

Overstuffing Shelves 

It is natural to want to maximize space around your home, but the pantry is one area that needs room. Since you are constantly moving boxes and other items around, it is important to leave space to find everything you need quickly. If you prefer buying in bulk, consider other areas where you can store it until necessary. You may feel frustrated if you have to pull other essentials out to find a specific item. Do yourself a favor and make that package of pasta easier to pick out after a long day of work. 

Need More Tips?

You are on your way towards building a functional pantry. Feel free to reach out to our design experts for more tips on storing items in the pantry.