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4 Design Tips To Improve Productivity In The Home Office

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After three years of global crisis, the work-from-home debate is finally coming to an end. “Normal life” does not necessarily mean coming back to the office. Many employees no longer want a 9-to-5 routine bookended by long and expensive commutes. The work-from-home model, in all its hybrid and unconventional forms, is here to stay. Whether you embrace a work-from-home lifestyle or simply want to boost productivity on days when you’re in the home office, these design tips will help. 

An Ergonomic Setup

Setting up a home workstation that’s comfortable is key to boosting productivity. Small enhancements can reduce the likelihood of lower back pain and tension headaches. Prolonged sitting can cause adverse health problems, so an ergonomically designed desk and chair that supports good posture is a good place to start. If you want to take the home workstation to the next level, consider a standing desk or a sit/stand combo. 

Smart Storage

Smart storage doesn’t mean turning your home office into a space best suited for a monk. Tidying up does not mean getting rid of everything that does not spark joy (sorry, Marie Kondo). Smart storage is about streamlining. Here are a few easy hacks: 

  • Build up. Use vertical pace and dead space (that includes the space behind the desk)
  • Incorporate accents that double as storage
  • Consider floating shelves or storage walls
  • Use storage as a form of decor, such as baskets and decorative boxes
  • Categorize and contain

Green Conditions

The more plants you have in the home office, the better. Natural aesthetic beauty is soothing, and plants are known to greatly reduce stress. But that’s not all. Other health and wellness benefits of having plants around include improved concentration and better memory retention. Plants also help neutralize harmful indoor chemicals. Next time you want to boost your mental cognition and work performance, consider heading to the story and purchasing a few plants. 

Inject Inspiration

Don’t forget. One of the things that makes a home office different than, say, an office office is that you can personalize it with greater detail and inspiration. Consider hanging art, photos, motivational quotations, or that old beer sign you’ve had in the garage since the 1980s. Reposition the lighting to alter the mood in the office. Moreover, details like the room’s color scheme can have a significant impact on productivity -calm, restful colors such as green and blue have been proven to improve focus and efficiency. Whatever you decide to do, make the room yours. Inject it with personality. 

If you’re planning to remodel your home office to boost productivity, a reputable manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada can help you energize the layout by creating a versatile and pragmatic space for all your family’s needs. Contact us today to discuss the many options available!